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OTIS UNDER SKY independent film series


Thursday, Oct 18
Film Screening @ 7PM

Gainesville State College - Martha T. Nesbitt Academic Building

Tickets: $7 Adults;
$5 Students/Seniors
(includes film and filmmaker Q&A reception)

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The Arts Council, Inc. and Gainesville State College present the independent feature film “OTIS UNDER SKY” with Director and Co-Writer Anlo Sepulveda as part of the South Arts Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers at the Gainesville State College Martha T. Nesbitt Academic Building on Thursday, October 18, 2012. Ticket price includes the movie and the Meet the Filmmaker Q&A session following the film screening.

Starring: Anis Mojgani, Roberta Colindrez, Jaqueline Leal, and Tony Jackson
Written by: Anlo Sepulveda, Anis Mojgani, and Roberta Colindrez
Directed by: Anlo Sepulveda
Running Time: 77 minutes


In an increasingly isolated and Internet driven world, Otis (Anis Mojgani), a reclusive web artist, attempts to find meaning in his existence. When he meets Ursula (Roberta Colindrez), a heartsick kleptomaniac pining for the return of her traveling lover, the quirky pair becomes inseparable. Otis’s heartbreaking journey leads to his discovery of the value of human connection and, ultimately, to his greatest creation. This unscripted, experimental narrative film is full of beauty, surprises, and an uplifting hope for humanity.




"a visually enchanting film" - Mary Lowry,

"charming and arresting" - Ralphie Hardesty, Austinist

"undeniably Austin-centric" and "beautiful in its quiet contemplation"
- Michael Graupmann, KXAN



Anlo Sepulveda - OTIS UNDER SKY

Anlo Sepulveda (Director/Co-Writer/) has written, directed, and edited numerous short films such as Bovinity Divinity and One Dollar Poem. He has also created documentary films UPLIFT Uganda, Camp Casey, and Ahmad. Recently, Sepulveda teamed up with a Scottish bagpiper and made a documentary about their travels and misadventures through Cuba in Cuban Pipers. It was an Official Selection at the Cuba Film Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sepulveda also worked as the director of photography for Out for Blood II: Out for More Blood, Brodie's Boys and The Dumb Asian featured at the Vietnamese International Film Festival. He is currently working on a documentary about the San Marcos River called Yakona. Otis Under Sky is his first feature.



Otis Under Sky is a feature-length, unscripted, partially web-based experi-mental narrative about a hapless recluse web artist, Otis (Anis Mojgani), who falls into unrequited love with Ursula (Roberta Colindrez), an impulsive kleptomaniac. His awk-ward misadventure leads to his ultimate creation, a physical light sculpture that is a reflection of positive energy across the web.

Otis spends his days in front of a computer posting articles and self-created web-art on his multiple web sites. His frequent vlogs often reflect on the state of humanity and reveal Otis’ deeper need for human connection and meaning in his life.

Ursula is a mysterious, unpredictable, feline womanizer. She is sent into an emotional tailspin when it becomes uncertain if Lucia (Jaqueline Leal), her lover from Argentina, will return and travel with her to Central America.

With the encouragement of his older brother, Brian (Tony Jackson), Otis is inspired to leave the relative safety of his web sanctuary to explore and document the real world. He soon discovers that the world outside is an interesting and sometimes wonderful place. He begins to commune with nature and experience the city as a new and exciting landscape for his art.

Everything changes for Otis when his camera lens comes across Ursula at a local show and the two attempt to connect without words during their night walk home. Over the following weeks they become inseparable, and accompany each other on self-created adventures all over the city. But although they are kindred spirits and Otis’s attraction to Ursula is clear, they remain unable to express their bond physically.

When Ursula's girlfriend Lucia returns, Otis must find a way to overcome his love and loss and continue his artistic endeavors.

Powerful imagery and exquisite nature shots lend to the sweetness, depth, and hopeful mood of this film, which is at turns melancholy and lighthearted. A giant tree whipping in the wind, a white swan floating on turquoise water, and sunlight pouring through leaves in a clearing are images that evoke emotion and stay with the audience long after the film's end.

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